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Žalman Brothers Band

Peter Žalman Martin Výboch Martin Varga Erik Kriššák

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Žalman Brothers Band: Southern Rock & Blues Festival, Kolín (Youtube)

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About us

In 2001, from the ashes of Hartus the Žalman Brothers Band arose. Founded by Peter Žalman and made alive by the guitarist Martin Výboch, another guitarist Silvester Sališ and drummer Erik Kriššák, the group was soon known as the main southern rock boogie outfit from Slovakia.

In the year 2002, Sališ left and another guitarist, Martin Varga joined in. For a short period of time, vocalist Martin "Marta" Zúrik also became a member of the Žalman Brothers Band. Since 2002 the group has been playing a lot not only in Slovakia but also in Austria, Czech Republic and Polland.

The Žalman Brothers Band recorded several demo CDs and participated on sampler Slovenská bluesrocková spoločnos no.4. Its last self-produced record was made in Stará Pekárna in Brno (12.5.2010). Another album is Som, kto som. Recently, the new album Od roztočeného sústruhu will be published via Spotify.

Personnel (click on name for details)

Martin Výboch - guitar, vocal, harmonica
Martin Varga - guitar
Erik Kriššák - drums
Peter Žalman - bass


Peter Žalman - 00421 908 139 664,


Žalman Brothers Band

Booklet Žalman Brothers Band

Year: 2002

01. Roadhouse blues /The Doors/ (7:35)
02. All your love /Rush/ (3:07)
03. Jasmine /Sališ, Výboch, Kriššák/ (6:33)
04. Sharp dressed man /Gibbons, Hill, Beard/ (4:24)
05. Sweet home Alabama /King, Rossington, Van Zant/ (4:32)
06. Návrat (1. čas) /Výboch, Žalman/ (6:25)
07. Návrat (2. čas) /Výboch/ (2:55)


Peter Žalman: bass
Martin Výboch: guitar, vocal (1, 4, 5, 6)
Silvester Sališ: guitar, vocal (2, 3), vocals (4)
Erik Kriššák: drums, vocals (4)

Track 1

Booklet Track 1

Year: 2003

01. Please don’t leave me /Výboch, Kriššák/ (3:39)
02. Our road /Výboch, Kriššák/ (5:39)
03. Plán /Sališ/ (4:09)
04. Na kraji priepasti /Výboch, Kriššák/ (8:28)
05. Na rade som ja /Výboch, Kriššák/ (3:33)
06. Ku hviezdam /Výboch/ (5:31)
07. Návrat /Výboch, Žalman/ (8:57)
08. Sky is crying /James/ (6:00)
09. Gimme all your lovin’ /Gibbons, Hill, Beard/ (5:18)

Peter Žalman: bass
Martin Výboch: guitar, vocal
Martin Varga: guitar
Erik Kriššák: drums

Bluesrocková spoločnos no.4

Booklet Slovenská bluesrocková spoločnos no.4

Year: 2003
Publisher: Slovenská bluesová spoločnos


Canned Heat Revival Band
01. Can´t Hold On
02. Same All Over
03. Rollin´ and Tumblin´
04. Let´s Work Together

Second Band
05. You Gotta Move
06. You Can´t Judge a Book By Its Cover
07. Stormy Monday Blues
08. Cocaine

09. I Love You The Best
10. Start It Up
11. Louise
12. Empty Arms

Žalman Brothers Band
13. Plán /Sališ/ (4:19)
14. Je to tak /Výboch/ (3:27)
15. Roadhouse blues /The Doors/ (7:46)


Peter Žalman: bass
Martin Výboch: guitar, vocal
Martin Varga: guitar
Erik Kriššák: drums

Live in Stará Pekárna

Booklet Live in Stará Pekárna

Recorded: Brno 12.5.2010, Studio Indies
Sound engineering: Dušan Souček
Mix & mastering: Broněk Šmid

01. Little red rooster /Dixon/ (5:43)
02. Road man /Výboch/ (4:55)
03. L.A. Woman /The Doors/ (7:48)
04. Zuza boogie /Výboch/ (6:44)
05. Hoochie coochie man /Dixon/ (6:29)
06. Thrill is gone /Darnell, Hawkins/ (5:49)
07. 15.1.2007 /Varga, Kriššák/ (3:53)
08. Jazda /Výboch/ (4:52)
09. Návrat /Výboch, Žalman/ (8:51)
10. Moonchild /Gallagher/ (6:14)


Peter Žalman: bass
Martin Výboch: guitar, vocal, fujara (3)
Martin Varga: guitar
Erik Kriššák: drums

Som, kto som


Obal albumu Som, kto som

Year: 2015
Recorded: 13., 14. December 2014 in Famous Factory Studio, Hlohovec.
Sound, mix & mastering: Robert Vavrinec

01. Boogie nám treba /Výboch/ (8:07)
02. Na rade som ja /Výboch, Kriššák/ (3:30)
03. Stratený /Výboch/ (6:25)
04. There are so many ways /Varga, Kriššák/ (4:31)
05. Cesta /Výboch/ (5:29)
06. Som, kto som /Varga, Výboch/ (6:35)
07. Katastrofický dážď /Varga, Výboch/ (7:48)
08. God don't never change /Blind Willie Johnson/ (4:20)


Peter Žalman: bass
Martin Výboch: guitar, vocal, harmonica (1, 4)
Martin Varga: guitar
Erik Kriššák: drums

Od roztočeného sústruhu


Obal albumu Od roztočeného sústruhu

Year: 2021

01. Petra /ŽBB, Výboch/ (4:39)
02. Zapadnú /ŽBB, Kriššák/ (6:29)
03. Soul Can Fly /ŽBB, Kriššák/ (7:18)
04. Bohurovní /ŽBB, Výboch/ (4:47)
05. Konšpirácia (?) /ŽBB, Výboch/ (5:06)
06. Je mi fajn /ŽBB, Výboch/ (5:21)
07. ŽBB 20-21 /ŽBB, Výboch/ (7:02)
08. Jediná /ŽBB, Výboch/ (4:38)
08. Zabudnutý riff /ŽBB, Výboch, Kriššák/ (7:00)
08. Cesta (akustická verzia) /ŽBB, Výboch/ (5:31)


Peter Žalman: bass
Martin Výboch: guitar, vocal
Martin Varga: guitar
Erik Kriššák: drums


Š 2010 Erik Kriššák

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